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The Growth of "Caz"

Continuation of "The Beginning of Caz"

I created many low-quality videos around 7-9 years old, but unfortunately, those videos are no longer available on YouTube. They are most likely saved within the depths of a computer or gone forever, who knows?

It took me several years to gain the confidence to post continuously on YouTube. I deleted most of my original videos because I didn't think they were good enough or were "cringy" (they probably were, but it was what my skill set had to offer at the time). I started with making DIY videos, paint w/ me videos, & at one point a Gacha Life video (I was obsessed with watching Gatcha Life videos at that age). Most of those videos were deleted, but it was at the point of my first "official video," the first one still on YouTube, that I began to commit to this concept of creating YouTube videos.

I continued to create content with my phone but I had upgraded my editing app to one on the computer. I went through numerous apps trying to find one that worked for

me and wouldn't glitch out. After a couple of years of posting rather non-consistently, I finally caved and bought an editing app instead of using free ones. I was using a better camera to record and suddenly, I enjoyed the editing process. Things set off and I continued to post.

^This video is the first video I made with my newly purchased editing app

There have been numerous times when I disappeared for months at a time for mental health reasons, I skipped a week which eventually turned into a month, or I just simply didn't have time. I had school life to manage and I was a really bad procrastinator.

It wasn't until 2022 that I fully committed to creating content weekly, and everything is finally going the way my little 7-year-old self always dreamed of.

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