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The Beginning of "Caz"

I don't feel I share my "history" of how I became "Caz," the teenage entrepreneur who creates and sells handmade jewelry & art, enough. Well, it all started with YouTube.


My YouTube channel was officially created on June 25th, 2014 meaning I was seven years of age, but my want to create a YouTube channel started several months before then.

As a young human, I leaned on my brothers constantly; they were my role models. I spent so much time with them growing up and adopted the habits, mannerisms, and interests of my older brothers. I played video games with them, watched them play video games, and watched YouTube videos with them. On one occasion, we were watching Tobuscus, an entertainer on YouTube. I don't remember what sparked the conversation, but it was mentioned that he makes these videos for a living. I was shocked as my brothers explained to me that he got paid by YouTube to create fun content. I instantly wanted in.

A content creator that I watched as a young 7-year-old was SaraBeautyCorner. She created DIY, crafts, and vlog-type videos. I was talking to my father about her, and we then calculated how much money she most likely made from these videos. That sparked my interest even more. It was at that moment that I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a content creator on YouTube.

My parents were very skeptical of their 7-year-old creating a YouTube channel and being on the internet since I was so young. My mother established rules for me, and I began creating content with my free editing app on my phone and my low-quality, $20 phone. It was... difficult to say the least. I didn't have the materials that I would've liked at the time, but I made it work, or at least tried to.

And off I went on my journey to create YouTube content.

Read more next week!

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