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Me, Myself, & Music

Music has always been the keystone of society & culture, and it is especially meaningful to me. The history of music goes on generation after generation and has evolved into both beautiful and ugly things. It has been a core part of my existence ever since I was in the womb!

My entire family consists of musicians (except for my mom who can only play the radio) Growing up, I always had an interest in singing and piano (whether or not I was good at it is a different story). I never took any singing or piano lessons and instead, I just picked up little things here & there from my family.


Third grade was when my musical interest really kicked off. I was finally able to join the orchestra at the elementary school I had been attending! I played the violin that year and was pretty advanced compared to the other students. I had basic music knowledge and knew how to read music somewhat.

The following year, I was able to join the band. I played the oboe for three years and was

okay at it, well, as "okay" as a sixth grader could get playing the oboe. One of the only reasons I played the oboe was because my brother had told me, "Only pretty girls play the oboe." At the end of sixth grade (going into Jr. High), I made the impulse decision the day of the Jr. High tryouts to quit and join the

choir. It had been mentioned beforehand, and the thought was in the back of my mind, but it wasn't until that day that I realized, "I don't want this." I also may or may not have forgotten my oboe at home that day. (They still made me try out though, and I had to use my band teacher's crusty old oboe. Totally flunked that).

Since 7th grade, I've been in choir every year and I've loved every second of it. I have no regrets about quitting the band. For those of you wondering, I typically sing soprano (the highest of the singers, also known as the "professional screamers"). I can sing both Soprano 1 & 2, and I typically like to switch between them. Technically, my voice range and abilities fit into Soprano 2, but singing whistle tones is so fun. ^ this is an oboe


My musical talents and interests continue to grow, and I am a part of the Arizona Saints Chorale and my high school choir. I continue to play the piano and learn a plethora of Zelda songs and write some of my own on occasion.

And for those of you who read this but do not speak the language of musicians, here are the artists I listen to:


  • Ekoh

  • Twenty-One Pilots

  • Melanie Martinez

  • Saje

  • The Manhattan Transfer

  • 0r30

  • AJR

  • Billie Eilish

  • CG5

  • a variety of different video game soundtracks

  • musicals (SIX, Hamilton, Twisted, Dear Evan Hansen)

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