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My Experience @ Anime Arizona

Hey all! Over my break from creating content, I went to my very first convention! It was a small one in Mesa, Arizona called Anime Arizona. I made this little trip with my brother and met some very cool people!

The convention was three days long, but I only went on the first day as I am broke and could only afford to go one day. I skipped school and instead, got into my Zelda cosplay! I really wanted to show this cosplay off because it is by far my favorite, and it would also be perfect

because Elizabeth Maxwell was going to be there! She was my main motivation to go to this convention because she is the voice actor for Urbosa, a character in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I am a HUGE Zelda nerd and I was not going to miss this opportunity.

Of course, first, we had to check in and get our lanyards, and then we waited in a rather long line to get in. There were more people than

I thought there were going to be, but there were also so many amazing cosplayers!! I had only recently gotten into anime, so I only recognized a few of the characters. Once inside, the first thing we did was check out the vendors! There were three sections of this convention, and the first one had booths where people had set up to sell all of the nerdy things possible. I was fangirling so much it was insane. I bought several things which included a variety of Zelda stuff, of course (I have an addiction to this franchise).

We wandered around for a couple of hours, looking and relooking at things while simultaneously waiting for my friend, Oliver, to arrive. I took photos with some absolutely amazing cosplayers I saw, and as you can tell in these photos, I was an absolutely awkward nerd. After strolling through the vendors multiple times, we asked where we would find the actors. We went to the third building which housed many English voice actors for different anime.

At this point, I had spent so much money on merchandise, but I was determined to get a photo and an autograph from Elizabeth Maxwell, and I did!!! She was very spunky and it was such a cool experience to meet her cosplayed as Zelda.

That was kind of the end of my convention trip, as the second building was holding panels by people I didn't really know/wasn't interested in. We sat outside in the grass while my brother talked to me about different anime. Eventually, I was done waiting for Oliver and we left.

Anime Arizona was definitely the perfect first convention for me and I had so much fun meeting all of these cool people!

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