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Ina Ruth

Hey all! So I posted a video on YouTube today where I repainted an old painting I did in 2018 as a gift to my grandma. I featured her in a video a couple of years ago. She passed away on June 23, 2022. This is a really weird concept for me and my family, especially since she lived with us for about four years.

Things just fell into place with this painting and her being gone one year, so I decided to make this video a little tribute to my grandma as well.

For those of you who don't know, which is probably most of you, my grandma was an artist. She was a jack of all trades, and as she liked to say, "a master of none." She baked, cake decorated, painted, sketched, gardened, and basically did everything. There are so many things this woman did in her life. She also tended to paint everything (which is where I get it from haha). She was stubborn, silly, and loved her family to pieces.

As she grew older, she developed dementia and it worsened after my grandpa died. It eventually got to a point where she could no longer take care of herself (she almost burned the house down on multiple occasions), so she moved in with us. It was exciting at first, but it was exhausting to take care of her. She could never be home alone and as she continued to grow older, we had to start doing things for her.

Suddenly, a couple of months before she passed, she began to go downhill. It was out of nowhere and her health had declined rapidly. She became essentially bedridden and could no longer even pull herself up. She had stopped eating, coloring (she had DOZENS of coloring books), and eventually couldn't hold a conversation for more than two minutes because she would just... forget.

When we could no longer take care of her, we put her in a care facility where she passed peacefully. It's strange to see photos of her or hear her voice because it's been so long, but I will always remember my amazing grandma <3

Ina Ruth

11.1.32 - 6.23.22

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