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Me, Myself, & Cosplay

I didn't always enjoy or want to do cosplay. Shocking, I know, take a seat- take a seat, it's alright. I know this is crazy information; you're absolutely flabbergasted.

Anyway, I've only done a few cosplays in my time (that makes me sound like I'm old) which include Luz Noceda, the Joker, Jack Skellington, Thalia Grace, & Zelda. This isn't even treading the waters into what cosplays I want to complete. I have a massive list, some big and some small, and I look forward to sharing all of those with you.

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Growing up, I obviously didn't really know what cosplay was. I just thought dressing up as characters were just a Halloween thing. But, of course, I discovered cosplay when I got social media and was broadening my interests. I wasn't really interested in it, I just thought it was cool. I believe I did think of it as a little weird at first, but as I continue to explore the community, I realized how much I wanted to get into the cosplay world. I gathered things for cosplay, but I also didn't really know what I was doing. I got clothes for cosplay projects but never really did anything with them because I felt awkward and weird that this was something I liked. I also never had the time, motivation, or money to make cosplay a hobby.

It wasn't until last year that I actually got into the cosplay community. And even now, I'm not as in-depth as I would like to be, but I have made progress! I

I absolutely love getting into cosplay and adopting this new persona. I'm a new person, and the photos always blow me away. And I enjoy creating everything for each cosplay and then sharing it for everyone to see!


Luz Noceda - First Cosplay

This was more of a Halloween costume, but mostly because when I finished the cosplay, it ended up being Halloween time. This is literally the only photo I have of this cosplay, but I have been meaning to get into it again because it needs some love.


The Joker

I think of this cosplay more as my "first real cosplay," mainly because it wasn't around Halloween, and I committed to creating content with it. This felt more like a cosplay. It was also a pretty simple one for a starter.


Jack Skellington

This one was also more of a Halloween cosplay. At this point, I was still trying to get into the cosplay community and had only done one cosplay outside of Halloween. But this one was still fun, and I still count it as cosplay.


Closet cosplay of a witch for a party~


Thalia Grace

This cosplay is what set it off. With this one, I committed to making cosplay a hobby of mine. I absolutely loved this cosplay and with my given skill set, it was a pretty easy one to accomplish.



My most recent cosplay. This one was a bit more challenging because I had to alter a dress, but it definitely was a good step into my growing skill and interest in cosplay. I absolutely love this cosplay so much. My favorite by far.


Interested in seeing more cosplay content?

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