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A Moment of History - The Story Behind the Art

Hello everyone! I have explained before about my desire to share some history behind my paintings. There is a selection of paintings that I worked on that were old, outdated, and just tired. I love these paintings in all their "young artist-ness," but... I also hate them with a burning passion. So I decided the revamp them within the past couple of weeks. I even made a YouTube video about it!

In this video, I didn't go into depth about the history of these paintings, so let's get into that!

"A Moment In Time"

The first painting that I touched up in this video consists of one of the oldest in the selection I chose. Before I had access to my current forms of materials, I used a plastic butter knife as a palette knife instead of a real metal palette knife. It was the only thing I had available to me at the time, so that was the only option I had to get a similar effect. This size canvas was also practically the only size I used because it was the only kind I had available to me.

Why touch it up?

The main problem I had with this piece was the fact that the edges weren't painted, and it was signed with my old signature. Along with that, I wanted to add some texture to the painting like my young self was trying to accomplish with my silly plastic knife.

Want to see this painting available for prints & the purchase of the original? Let me know!

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