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Things YOU need to know:

- I am not a factory. These kinds of things take time and I need you to be patient as I complete your order.

- Prices will vary heavily depending on what you want

- I will need to be in constant contact with you as I complete your order. 

- Clothing

        - Shoes

        - Jeans

        - Hats

- Pins

- Mini Backpack

- Stickers

- Notebooks/sketchbooks

- The list could go on. If you have anything that you would want to be painted that you own and/or would want me to buy to paint on, just ask if I can do it!




& More!

Commission Forms

Please remember that the things you may submit in this Google form are not final. There is much brainstorming involved in a commission and there are some things that I simply can not do. Double-check and make sure you have all the information filled out correctly with as much detail as possible, as that will make my job a lot easier.


Remember that these things take time. I cannot stress that enough. Be patient with me as I complete your order.

Once you submit the form, I can give you a general idea of the cost and time it'll take me to complete your commission.

Thank you so much for supporting me and I will contact you as soon as possible regarding your order! 

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