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Yello, I Have Returned

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A new blog? After like, a month of not posting? yEs, I'm sOrry. This always tends to happen to me where I just kind of leave without telling you why. Basically, I needed a break because school had been coming to an end, and creating content and such had started to feel like a chore. The way I had been doing things had just started not to work out. There were personal things I needed to tend to, and I needed to just reassess my business plan.

But I am back, and with so many exciting things planned! I will post behind the scenes on my Patreon, and the content will start popping back up again.

So, what exactly was I doing on my break?


Well, first thing, I finished my sophomore year of high school and am on summer break, which is fantastic, because now I have more time on my hands.

Along with that, I reorganized my room (something I desperately needed to do) of which I posted mini-tours on Instagram, and I also tackled the reorganization of the studio! It is almost done and needs some final things organized and cleaned, but this week I will start painting and creating in it again!

I have so many things planned for y'all and look forward to the next couple of months. I'm starting a lot of new things and opening a new chapter in my life, and I am so ready to start.

I will be posting an update on YouTube this coming Monday!

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