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5 Ways to Overcome Artblock

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Let's talk about art block. For those of you who don't know, it's basically a period of time when an artist just lacks the inspiration and creativity to actually make or draw something. I've experienced this on more than one occasion for days, weeks, months at a time. It's hard to find the motivation to create, but there are some ways to help overcome this block in the road. Here are some of my favorites.


This can mean a series of things. Typically when I have art block, my art isn't that good of a quality. It tends to just be... wrong and rather crappy. The best way to get through that is to make crappy drawings. Don't focus on the details. Just get your wrist moving. Gesture draw, make quick sketches of things around you, and embrace the quality of your drawings at that moment. It's difficult, but it helps get things moving a little.

Create an art block monster

This was a suggestion from my friend. When she experiences art block, she draws this silly little character she nicknamed the "Art Block Monster." She makes silly little doodles of it and creates a whole story and personality for this monster. It's a go-to and tends to be rather consistent, so you don't have to think that much!

Watch inspiring YouTube videos

Sometimes when I need inspiration, I watch YouTube videos made by some of my favorite content creators. It sparks my inspiration and helps me get a little more motivated to create. Some of my favorite art YouTubers to watch for this purpose are Moriah Elizabeth & DrawingWiffWaffles.

Make something out of a scribble

You may have done something similar to this in elementary school or something similar. Have someone draw a random line or scribble for you. Make something out of it! It helps get the "creative juices" flowing and it's always random.

Take a break

But sometimes, we really are burnt out, tired, or emotionally exhausted, etc. and we need to take a break. It's okay to take a breather, stop, and think. Don't feel pressured to create art if you really just need a real, true break. Relax!

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